The European Virtual Observatory EURO-VO


The Virtual Observatory is an international astronomical community-based initiative. It aims to allow global electronic access to the available astronomical data archives of space and ground-based observatories and other sky survey databases. EURO-VO aims at deploying an operational VO in Europe. It supports the utilization of VO tools and services by the scientific community, technology take-up and VO compliant resource provision, and building of the technical infrastructure. 

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  • ASTERICS project signed as a Horizon 2020 project to address the challenges of astronomy 'big data' in Europe. INSU News item, ASTRON news
  • CoSADIE was invited to present 'Big Data in the Astronomical Community' at the 'Big Data & Open Data' workshop organised by the ERF-AISBL (European Asssociation of European level Infrastructures Facilities) May 7-8, 2014 
  • Euro-VO coordinator Françoise Genova was invited to present the Astronomical Virtual Observatory at the Copernicus (European Earth Observation Programme) Big Data Workshop, Brussels, March 13-14
  • Euro-VO Presented at EUDAT: Garching, Germany, Feb 4, 2014