• ASTERICS project signed as a Horizon 2020 project to address the challenges of astronomy 'big data' in Europe. INSU News item, ASTRON news
  • Euro-VO coordinator Françoise Genova was invited to present the Astronomical Virtual Observatory at the Copernicus (European Earth Observation Programme) Big Data WorkshopBrussels, March 13-14
  • EuroVO Presented at EUDATGarching, Germany, Feb 4, 2014
  • IVOA Newsletter September 2013. This biannual newsletter for astronomers is intended to highlight new capabilities of VO tools and technologies for doing astronomy research. It also lists recent papers, and upcoming events. This issue includes news for the ALMA VO Service for Data Cubes, SED analysis with Iris v2.0, Remote Telescope networks for schools, and more. See --
  • CoSADIE Astronomical Data Centre Forum 2013 - Presentations available  (June 2013)
    Presentation slides from the CoSADIE European Data Centre Forum are now available here. This event, held at the Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany June 10-11, 2013, brought together VO engineers and data providers to foster an interchange of ideas and requirements. Data providers presented talks on their perspective, and the CoSADIE project presented key technologies and software to make data publishing in astronomy easier, more effective, more sustainable and more user-friendly. 
  •  EURO-VO Web pages revised (June 2013)
    Simplified and updated, the EURO-VO web pages are now hosted by the CDS. These pages provide an entry point to EURO-VO scientific, technical and community activities. Science softwareScientific VO Papers, and Scientific tutorial pages have been updated. The top menu links to current and past EURO-VO projects. The Helpdesk (maintained by ESAVO) and the EURO-VO mailing list are accessed in the left menu along with links to the VO registries and IVOA information.