Science Advisory Committee



The EURO-VO Science Advisory Committee (SAC) was active 2005-2013 and was composed of leading European researchers outside mainstream VO projects. The EURO-VO SAC includes the following astronomers (updated May 2013):

Name Affiliation E-mail
Andrea Comastri Osservatoria Astronomico di Bologna, Italy andrea.comastri @
Eric Emsellem ESO, Garching, Germany eemselle @
Dieter Engels Hamburger Sternwarte, Germany dengels @
Rob Fender Univ. of Southampton, UK r.fender @
Martin Groenewegen Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium marting @
Reynier Peletier Kapteyn Instituut, Groningen, The Netherlands peletier @
Andy Pollock (Chair) ESA, Spain andy.pollock @
Mark Allen (CoSADIE Project Scientist) CDS, Strasbourg, France mark.allen @
Deborah Baines (ESA VO Scientist) ESA, ESAC, Spain  Deborah.Baines @
Enrique Solano (INTA Scientist) Centro de Astrobiologia (INTA-CSIC), Spain esm @
Franck Le Petit (VO France) Observatoire de Paris Franck.LePetit @


Past Euro-VO SAC members

SAC Terms of Reference (PDF



Paris. September 5, 2013  
Paris, November 23, 2012  



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